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Sell Used Cars Home Business

Others Close The
Sales For You!

Used Cars Home Business

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  • Sell Used Cars Home Business

    Best Used Cars Home Business

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    "This is insane! The used car sales manager from the Dodge dealer calls me twice a day wanting me to bring him another customer! Why am I the only guy in central florida doing this type of service?
    "I have been selling for a Chevrolet dealer for 6 years. Most months I sell 9 or 10 cars. I purchase your guide hoping it would help me sell more units. It works! In the last 2 months I sold 32 cars! I have so many Ups now. I am thinking about going freelance like you said, because my dealer doesn't have enough good inventory."
    Greg C. @ Rose Motors

    selling used cars income

    What is going to happen to all the Chrysler and General Motors dealers that will lose their franchise? What about the Saturn, Saab, and Hummer dealers?

    Some will take on a few of the import brands to fill the void. Most will become mega sized used car superstores. These changes to dealers will work in your favor! Your service will be even more valuable! Get on the ground floor and take advantage of these changes now!

    Dealers Are Welcome!
    ATTN. Sales Manager
    Is your store on the list of GM or Chrysler dealers to be cut? Do you plan to double your used vehicle sales to make up for the loss? Buy this guide and hire a sales person to run this business in-house. Why spend thousands in newspaper advertising when the "Sell Cars & Make Money" guide is so cheap?

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    The Ultimate Home Business

    Used Car Sales income
    If you love cars, this is the home business for you. You can have fun while making good money. With the recession, used car sales are red hot! The service you provide to private parties and automotive dealers to sell cars is so valuable, they will pay up to $1,500 per unit sold! Start now while you have no competition!
    Ground Floor Opportunity!
    Almost Zero Start-up Cost. No Inventory Needed!
    No Dealer License Is Required. You Are Not A Dealer!
    You Don't Need Professional Car Sales Closing Skills.
    The Dealer Or Car Owner Closes The Sale. Not You!
    I Made $90,000* Per Year Working 30 Hours A Week!
    Simple Plans To Build A $500,000 Mega Business!
    The Bad Recession = Used Cars Business Boom!
    There Is More Business Than You Can Handle!

    Ready to join the upper class? Buy a nice house and
    have all the fun toys? Are you willing to work for it?

    "Make a honest living while having fun!"

    This is a real business for those that are not afraid of some
    hard work. If you are a lazy butt, this business is not for you.

    You use the FREE online classifieds and Craigslist to bring in a flood of serious car buyers. I have received as many as 30 telephone calls in two days for just one car (2002 Tacoma) that I posted online! I made a quick $400 for 20 minutes of work! The DEMAND for this service is very STRONG! I guarantee that you will make money!

    Others Close The Sales For You!

    High Demand For Your Service
    Automotive dealers are really hurting right now. Their focus has shifted from new cars to used. Once they know about your business, they will be begging for your help. If the dealer sells their old inventory at wholesale auction, they lose money. If the dealer works with you, they make a profit! You can make more money per year than the dealer's best car salesman! The dealers will love you!
    Dealer Used Cars Home Business

    Start this home business now!

    Huge demand with almost no competition!
    Start with little or no out of pocket expense!

    Chevy Used Cars Home Business
    Private Party Sales
    When people try to sell cars themselves, they are not trying to make a profit, but recoup some of their investment. It cost money up front to advertise their car for sale in the local newspaper classifieds. It COST $0 (zero) up front for you to try to sell their vehicle for them. You get paid a big chunk of money after their car sells. This is a good deal for the owner trying to sell his car, and good money for you.
    Vehicle For Sale Asking Price Commission
    2001 Toyota Camry $4,995 $400
    2007 Jeep Wrangler $9,995 $660
    2009 Ford Mustang $13,995 $939
    2010 GMC Yukon $26,995 $1,080
    2006 Chevy Cavalier $3,295 $1,850**
    **wholesale purchased car
    Car buyers see you as the "liquidator"
    offering the best deals on the planet!

    Others Close The Sales For You!

    Over 3.5 million used cars are sold in the USA each month! With 3,000 car dealers loosing their franchises (GM & Chrysler) the last two years, the focus will be on used cars sales. Used cars sales could exceed 50 million units next year! Your goal is to sell only 30 vehicles per month. My average was 15 units, and made about $90,000* per year. Some months I have sold over 25 vehicles. My best month was $13,850! Business is only going to get better. Hire some help and there is the potential to build a $500K business!
    Yes! You Can Do It!
    Even if you have never been in business before, you can do it. If you have never worked as a sales professional, you can do it! If you have basic internet skills, you can do it. If you love cars while making a good living, go for it!
    Sell More Than Just Cars & Trucks. Boats, Bikes, RVs & Tractors Too!
    Motorcycles Used Cars Home Business

    Sell Used Cars Home Based Business

    "This is the career change you have been looking for!"
    Start With This Guide
    The "Sell Used Cars & Make Money" guide will help you with the tools needed to make the business fly. Just add enthusiasm! There is an element of risk in starting any business. Eliminating that risk through knowledge and planning will help with your success*. This guide can be downloaded in minutes! Don't wait. Get started today.
    Used Cars Home Based Business
    Steps Needed To Prepare To Be In This Business.
    How To Get Private Car Sellers Without Advertising.
    How To Deal With Used Car Sales Managers.
    Where To Advertise Free To Get Streams Of Buyers.
    Rates To Charge Sellers For Different Vehicle Types.
    How To Write ADs That Pull In The Most Buyers!
    Arrange Buyer Loans And Make $50 Bird-Dog.
    Hire People & Build A $500K Mega Business!
    Getting Paid On Time And Avoid Getting Cheated.
    Printable Copy Of Sellers Agreement (contract).

    This is not rocket science! If you wanted to post your own car for sale online and sell it within a few weeks, you could do it. Now if you had 30 cars to list for sale online that you did not have to pay for (free virtual inventory), how much money could you make this month? What are you waiting for?

    Warning! If you think you can figure out how to start this business without the help of the "Sell Used Cars & Make Money" home business guide, you are in for some big surprises! Getting paid is important! You could end up doing twice the work for half the money and get screwed over by customers. This guide is cheap. Save yourself some pain!

    Others Close The Sales For You!

    I promise you this is a real home business! I have made good income doing this business for eight years. I have limited education and I am not the smartest guy you ever met. However, I do have some business sense and a good work ethic. You should be able to do better than me because you are learning from my mistakes! Buy my guide and you will make money. I guarantee it! ~Pappa

    Requirements: Windows, Mac, or Linux

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  • 365 Days of Motivation pdf
  • Online Home Business Guide pdf
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    *LEGAL DISCLAIMER: As with any home business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that earnings and income differ by individual. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any materials shall be at your sole risk. We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent the potential for income generation. Any earning and income representations made by our website and guide are estimates of what we think you can possibly earn. As with any home business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.
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